Rainbow Mountain Advices and Tips

Make sure you have good trekking clothes

When you are doing a trek, it is very important that you have the right clothing. Because of the high altitude in this part of Peru, it can get cold, especially during the early morning and late afternoon. So it is important that your clothes are warm. But when walking, it gets hot really easily. So it is very important that you can take some clothes off so use layers!

Also, remember to wear good trekking shoes. This is not just ‘a day walk’. The path that you will be walking on can be slippery because of the rocks and sand. Therefore, it is very important to wear good shoes so you won’t fall off the mountain!

Valle Rojo
Valle rojo - Rainbow Mountain.

  1. Make sure you are acclimatized to the altitude

    It is important for everyone, to be acclimatized to the altitude. Arrive a couple of days before your trip to the Rainbow Mountain to Cusco. Unless you have already been in Puno of course.

  2. Consider renting a horse

    When you really aren’t feeling too well because of walking or because of the altitude, don’t be ashamed to rent a horse.

    So, a tip: if you are feeling like you will struggle with the altitude or you will just have a relaxed day and enjoy the scenery, don’t hesitate to take a horse! You can even share it with a friend, or walk next to the horse when you are feeling fine and jump on it when you are feeling bad again!

  3. Take Paracetamol and – why not – some Coca leaves with you

    Because of the high altitude, you can get symptoms of altitude sickness, such as headaches and nausea. Pain medication like paracetamol can help, so take some of them before and during the trek when you are feeling like you are getting sick. If this medicine doesn´t work, you can also try to chew on coca leaves.

  4. Walk at your own pace!

    Even when everybody is passing you, just take it easy and walk on your own pace. The guide will not leave you alone and will keep an eye on you.

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